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03 Nov, 2011

Your Mouth’s Health And HIV

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Human immunodeficiency virus kills; this is a virus that attacks the immune system cells, which normally protect the body from diseases. As time passes by, HIV will triumphantly destroy the immune system that the body may become defenseless in fighting common infections. Symptoms of HIV can become visible in the body, even at the mouth. In fact, many of these symptoms may manifest in the oral cavity.


For a person suffering from HIV, candidiasis happens because of an infection due to the candida albicans fungus. Candidiasis can manifest itself as red patches found on the tongue and the palate. The condition can also manifest itself through white lesions found all over the mouth.

Kaposi Sarcoma

This is a condition that rarely happens among people who are unaffected by the HIV. This lesion is flat and can come in blue or purple color. It can take place all over the mouth, although it frequents the hard palate.

Kaposi Sarcoma is so evident among HIV victims that the American Cancer Society says that this condition is an AID-defining illness. This simply means that once a person is diagnosed by Kaposi Sarcoma then this will indicate that HV had progressed to AIDs. There is now the antiretroviral therapy that lessens the incidence of Kaposi sarcoma, this however leads to death among patients who do not receive the treatment.

Hairy Leukoplakia

Hairy leukoplakia happens at the lateral sides of the tongue. They are striated lesions that tend to resemble hairs. Diagnosis may be made by means of biopsy and through histological examination. Experts believe that one quarter of HIV-positive people will suffer from hairy leukoplakia. For people who undergo antiretroviral therapy, the appearance of hairy leukoplakia may be a sign that treatment is no effective anymore.

It is important to get to know your mouth. You must be aware of what is happening to your oral health to prevent further problems from creeping in. Therefore, whether it is a simple mouth sore or a serious symptom of HIV, you should be aware of your mouth’s health.

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