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22 Sep, 2011

Canker Sores On The Tonsils

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Food allergies often result to canker sores on the tonsils. Irritation caused by hard foods can also lead to tonsil sores. Bad oral hygiene has its role to play as well. Canker sores are characterized by round shape spots, encircled by reddish ring, and covered with grayish membrane.  If you have them, eating will become a great pain.

It is common for canker sores on the tonsils to require 4 days to 2 weeks before healing happens. Interestingly, past sufferers admit that the sores have the habit of recurring after 1 to 3 months.

How to treat Canker Sores

There is no single cure that can work for this affliction. Again, cold sores are not cause by a disease, but rather of an allergy or irritation. It is up to a person to find what triggered the allergy. Constant sufferers should take note of the foods eaten to find what is causing the problem. Avoid using toothpastes with sodium lauryl sulfate because this is also a common trigger for canker sores.

Superior oral hygiene is important. Find oral products that reduce mouth irritation and offer superior cleaning power. There are antibacterial mouthwashes that you can gargle to relieve canker sores on the tonsils. Applying a topical soothing agent to the problem area can work too. Make use of dental care products that are made from natural components.

Canker sores on the tonsils are definitely something you don’t like to experience. Prevention is the key to avoid facing this problem. Always maintain a good functioning body. Promote proper health and fitness. Take care of your oral needs; brush regularly and floss after. These are just tiny steps you can do to prevent big problems in the future. Do not wait for canker sores to appear on the tonsils, do preventive measures now.


15 Sep, 2011

A Must-Read Guide To Covering Mouth Sores

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Makeup works great wonders in covering up unwanted mouth sores! A few dab of your favorite concealer can save your neck from a whole week of embarrassment. Through a reliable makeup technique, you can go on with your life without feeling embarrassed of your sores.

Quick Tips to hide Mouth Sores:

  1. Carmex is a lip balm that works well on cold sores. Make use of a cotton swab to dab a few amount of the balm in the affected area. Carmex can lubricate the area and fight off infections.  If however a cold sore ointment is far from your reach, make use of petroleum gel instead.

  2. A liquid foundation that is highly the same with your skin tone can cover mouth sores instantly. Again, make use of cotton swab to prevent further contamination. Avoid rubbing the area to stop smeared edges too.

  3. Vicks VapoRub should be the first thing you reach for once you feel that a cold sore is bound to appear. Use it during the day and before you hit the sack at night. Vicks Vaporub will intensively reduce the size and duration of mouth sores.

  4. Add a dusting translucent powder on the affected area. This is the final step to do, since it will set up the final look. A bronzer that is well blended on skin will help too. You can dab a few drops of bronzer or concealer on a cotton, so when you need to touch up, you don’t have to bring the whole container with you.

These are some tricks to deal with the unsightly occurrence of mouth sores. These will help you face the problem without a drop in your self-confidence. So try the trick above and never worry about how mouth sores look on you ever again!


10 Sep, 2011

7 Reasons Behind A Sore Tongue

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Sore pimples on the tongue are common. People of all age group can suffer from these pimples, including children. The pimples can become too big that they make eating hard. Resist the temptation to pop these pimples—popping may bring temporary relief, but the bacteria can only spread throughout the mouth.

Causes of Sore Tongue Pimples

  1. Hormonal imbalance- It is likely that fluctuations in hormone levels lead to pimple. The pimples cannot just appear on the face, but including the tongue. Hormonal changes are on the peak during pregnancy and menopausal stage.

  2. Food allergy- Pimples on your tongue can be due to food allergy. People who commonly eat high acidic and oily foods are prone to developing tongue pimple.

  3. Canker sores- If you suffer from canker sores, there is a big chance for tongue pimples to occur next. You will know if you are about to suffer from tongue pimples if you see a white lesion formation on your tongue. This symptom can give a burning sensation sometimes.

  4. Tongue injury- If you bite your tongue by accident, the damage will bring great impact on your delicate skin. This again can lead to tongue pimples.

  5. Oral thrush- Acne on the tongue which is caused by oral thrush normally look like a white bump. There is the presence of irritation as well.

  6. Poor oral hygiene- Dirt that is clogged on your tongue can lead to pimples. What you can do obviously is to clean your teeth and tongue regularly. Use mouthwash after brushing the teeth for better result.

  7. Brushing too hard- Brushing with strong strokes can only irritate your tongue. This can again lead to sores. Be easy on yourself. What you can do is use a soft toothbrush as you clean your gums and teeth gently.


05 Sep, 2011

Pregnancy And Mouth Sores

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The happy days of pregnancy can start to turn sour once mouth sores hit the scene. Better known as oral lesions, the sores often appear in the inner lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, and even at the palate of the mouth. Although this condition happens to everyone, research finds that it is more common among expecting moms.

Common Causes of Mouth Sores among Pregnant Women

  • wearing of metal braces

  • biting the lip, cheek, or tongue

  • injury or trauma

  • mouth burns due to hot foods and beverages

  • medication

  • dental treatment

Treating the Sores

Medicines taken to cure mouth sores are often not recommended for pregnant women. Doctors frequently advise these women to rather rely on natural treatments. This is to prevent harming the unborn child through medications that can have an adverse effect. So it is always a must to consult a professional for a medical advice before you try anything, especially if you are pregnant.

How Do you Treat Mouth Sores

There are loads of remedies you can do to treat mouth sores. First of all, following a proper diet is important. Go for foods that are bland and with less oil. Stress is another reason behind this affliction. Adopt a relaxation technique that you can do, try yoga and meditation. Be sure to get a good night sleep regularly. You can also rest if you feel tired within the day.

Gargling with salt and water may further help relieve the pain due to mouth sores. You can also eat cool foods like ice cream, frozen fruits, yogurt, etc. Take enough vitamin C supplementation daily. Build up your body’s defenses too by taking B12 vitamins. Avoid alcoholic beverages and tobacco since they only weaken your body’s immune system. So now, follow all these advices for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

20 Aug, 2011

Lip Sore After Piercing

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Lip piercing is cool, but lip sore because of it, is not.  In case you are wearing your newly pierced lips right now, chances are, you feel an extreme pain due to it. Unfortunately, the pain is not something you can get through the next morning.  The pain will persist through days. Complete recovery from lip piercing will last for 6 to 10 weeks.

Lip sore after piercing is not always due to infection. The lip possesses a natural ability to fight off bacteria. Do not feel afraid of redness, swelling, bleeding, tenderness, and scabbing after a lip piercing. They are nothing but natural occurrences in the healing process of a lip pierce.

Care Tips You can do After Lip Piercing

  • Do not eat 3 hours after piercing.

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco before and after piercing.

  • Avoid touching the part. Wash your hands with soap and water if you have to touch your lips.

  • Brush your teeth with a new soft-bristled toothbrush regularly.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day to remove food particles that can go inside the wound.

  • You can do saline soak at least 2 times a day.

  • You can use ibuprofen to keep swelling and tenderness problem at bay.

  • Do not share eating utensils with others.

  • Eat cool foods like frozen yogurt and cheese to relieve discomfort.

  • Drink Vitamin B with zinc supplements to promote faster healing.

  • Replace the jewelry on your lips only after the wound is healed.

  • In case you badly needed to remove the piercing, allow the piercer to do it for you.

Taking care of your pierced lips is important to prevent worries from taking in. Infections are fearsome so protect yourself from them. Always follow the tips above, so you can enjoy lip piercing to the fullest!

17 Aug, 2011

How Long Do Cold Sores Last?

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Once you suffer from cold sores, the first question that will hit you is how long will they last? We all know what cold sores are, and we all know how bothersome they can be. Now in order to understand how long this condition will last, we have to consider two options. First, if you are going to use some cold sores treatment. Second, if you are just going to wait for them to fade away without using any form of treatment.

Untreated Cold Sores

It is likely that cold sores will heal on their own, even without treatments. An average of 2 weeks is expected before they go way. The only problem when you left cold sores on their own is the likelihood that they will create too much pain. Treat this painful occurrence however by using ice on the sores. You can also eat cold foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, and ice cream to relieve the pain.

Cold Sores With Medication

There are instances when the sores are too bad that medical intervention is needed. A doctor will usually prescribe treatment that can heal the problem as fast as 5 days. Some treatments that are often used are Xovirax and Denavir. Always follow your doctor’s prescription to get the most beneficial result. Also, do not experiment with these treatments. Ask your doctor about the best medicine you can use.

Cold sores that are treated with certain medications will obviously disappear faster than those that are left on their own. However medication is not always necessary especially during cases when the trouble is still bearable. The bottom line is, you are going to decide whether or not you need the help of someone else. Understand whether you can deal with the pain first. If you can, then no medical intervention is necessary.

We are often afraid that a simple problem can transpire into something big. This is why we often ask if we will develop genital herpes after we get contacted with cold sores.

Before anything else, let us start with the basic. What are cold sores? Well, cold sores are characterized by small red blisters that appear on the lips and the edges of the mouth. They often come with clear liquid and scabs appear after a few days.

Can you get genital herpes after?

Cold sores are often caused by herpes-1 virus, while genital herpes is due to herpes-2 virus.  Herpes-1 virus is milder. It can lay dormant in the body for years although it can become active again once triggered. So cold sore won’t lead to genital herpes. However anyone who is suffering from herpes-1 can become probable to genital herpes through oral sex and skin contact. If in case you think you have the herpes-2 virus, get treated right ahead.

You must understand that there is no cure to cold sores. Your own initiative to protect yourself from this affliction will become your only defense. Cold sores are generally felt by people with compromised immune system. People who suffer from cancer, infection, and other illnesses have twice the chance of developing these sores.

To speed up recovery process, it is advised that you pop the cold sore early on. This will help drain the liquid inside it to promote faster healing. Remember as well that prevention is very important! Herpes simplex is very much contagious. Do not share eating utensils with others. Avoid kissing someone who is infected with the virus. Take vitamin C for 3 times a day. You can apply vitamin E on the cold sores as well. Eat yogurt to relieve pain. Indeed, there is so much you can do to deal with cold sores.

Mouth ulcer happens to all ages, including children. Now once your child suffers from this condition, he might start to throw tantrums. After all, the pain that the sore brings is beyond bearable. In order to better understand why children suffer from mouth ulcer, we are going to discuss few of the common reasons behind this medical condition.

What is causing your child to suffer?

  1. Herpes Gingivostomatitis- This is a serious infection resulting from herpes virus. Aside from small and painful ulcer, this is characterized by high fever and extreme irritability among children.

  2. Hand, foot and mouth disease- This is characterized by small red ulcers. It is a viral illness caused by Coxsackie virus. This is a condition when children usually experience small and red ulcers in their mouths, feet, and hands.

  3. Herpangina- A condition similar to hand, foot and mouth disease, the only difference is that it appears on your child’s mouth. The virus present here is called Coxsackie virus.

  4. Geographic tongue- This one looks like a large ulcer and is characterized by areas that are red and pink. Fortunately, this is not painful therefore no treatment is necessary. The condition will just go away after 2 days or more.

  5. Oral ulcer- Trauma can cause oral ulcer, especially among patients who underwent radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Certain drugs—particularly Stevens Johnson syndrome—can also lead to mouth ulcer. Build immune system to lessen the chances of this affliction.

Understanding these 5 main causes of mouth ulcer among children is vital. Since some of the above causes are serious conditions that need medical intervention, it is a must that you take concern over your child’s health. Act at the first sign of the problem. Do not wait for things to aggravate. Do not allow children to suffer from this troublesome affliction long.