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07 Nov, 2011

Know Fever Blisters And Canker Sores Better

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One of the most common conditions of the mouth is the fever blisters. Most often called as the cold sores, this happens after a person is infected with the herpes simplex virus. Regardless of the fact that the fever blisters often bear another name, you should understand that you do not have to suffer from cold or fever to say that you have this condition.



Are Fever Blisters Same With Canker Sores?


Many people are confused about fever blister that they think this is the same with canker sores. For the record, these two conditions are of different kinds. With fever blisters, you get small sores all over the mouth. Canker sores only occur from the inside of the mouth—especially on the tongue and the lining of the lips, cheeks, and throat.

Fever blisters happen outside the mouth—at the chin, lips, cheeks, and the nostrils. If ever they occur at the inside of the mouth, they often transpire at the gum and at the roof of the mouth. When they are inside the mouth, this condition is highly similar to how canker sores look like. However, fever blisters heal faster and they start as a blister.

Fever blisters can happen through direct contact with a person suffering from such condition. This can also transpire through indirect contact like sharing toothbrushes, towels, drinks, razors, or utensils. By the time a person catches this condition, symptoms may wait for a few days before they become visible.

Eighty five percent of people may not suffer from any symptom the moment when they first had this infection. However, it is typical for the body to fall short in completely getting rid of the virus. Therefore, the virus can become active again in the future. At this time, the symptoms may take place.


The symptoms of fever blisters may vary. Some people do develop early symptoms before the actual blister comes out. A person may complain of tingling, itching, and burning sensation. Some may just develop blister all of the sudden.

The thing is, treating fever blisters is hard because there is actually no cure to it. Without medication, the symptoms may get better on its own. People who suffer from frequent blisters should consult a healthcare provider to check underlying health condition. After all, fever blisters can be a symptom of other health ailments.



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