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03 Oct, 2011

5 Secret Foods When You Have Mouth Sores

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Eating becomes a challenge when you have mouth sores. You will go berserk once foods touch the problem area. But do you know that there are foods that can actually help fasten up the recovery time for mouth sores? Hang on, as we unveil the top 5 foods you should be eating next time the problem bothers you.

Eating with Mouth Sores

  1. Chamomile Tea- Some people swear over the good effects a chamomile tea can bring to mouth sores. Swirl a lukewarm tea around your mouth before drinking. The warmness of the tea will give you a relaxing sensation. The ingredient called tannin in the chamomile will promote fast healing of sores.

  2. Sardines- This fish contains high level of vitamin B12. This vitamin helps people who suffer frequently with mouth sores to recover fast. It is interesting to note that a study was conducted wherein recipients were asked to take B12 tablets under their tongue. After a few months, 74 percent of these people become mouth ulcer-free.

  3. Garlic rich dishes- Garlic is a kind of natural antiseptic that can hasten treatment for your sores. Try garlic rich dishes combined with non acidic foods like mashed potatoes, omelets, and sauce-based foods such as spaghetti.

  4. Yogurt- Give yourself a daily serving of yogurt that contains lactobacillus and bifida bacteria. These bacteria also work to speed up recovery time.

  5. Cranberry juice- Try a soothing drink of cranberry juice with ice cubes once mouth sores hit the scene. This is your best choice when you feel run down and overly stressed. The juice also works to prevent the onset of mouth sores in the future.

As you see, the treatments for your problem are just within the cupboard! No need to dwell on expensive remedies because the 5 healthy foods for mouth sores will handle the problem well.

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