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07 Nov, 2011

Know Fever Blisters And Canker Sores Better

Posted by: Linda In: Canker Sores

One of the most common conditions of the mouth is the fever blisters. Most often called as the cold sores, this happens after a person is infected with the herpes simplex virus. Regardless of the fact that the fever blisters often bear another name, you should understand that you do not have to suffer from […]

22 Sep, 2011

Canker Sores On The Tonsils

Posted by: Linda In: Canker Sores

Food allergies often result to canker sores on the tonsils. Irritation caused by hard foods can also lead to tonsil sores. Bad oral hygiene has its role to play as well. Canker sores are characterized by round shape spots, encircled by reddish ring, and covered with grayish membrane.  If you have them, eating will become […]

05 Aug, 2011

How Canker Sore Got Its Name

Posted by: Linda In: Canker Sores

Ever wonder how canker sores got its name? We normally encounter this name in our everyday existence; after all, it is likely that we will suffer from it at one point in life. But canker sores have an interesting name. If you click on the synonym button at MS Word for a clue about “canker”, […]