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15 Nov, 2011

Erase Mouth Sores Worries While Wearing Braces

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Wearing braces is not all bad; it has its own advantages too. It will improve your oral health and physical appearance; this is especially true among folks with misaligned teeth. The only problem is, most people after wearing their braces will complain about mouth sores.

The sores happen because the braces come in contact with the gums, which will trigger pain. The braces will scrape the gum and lead to irritation and sores. This is a common scenario among braces wearers.

Relieve Pain from Mouth Sores

  1. Act immediately to treat pain. It is normal for you to feel pain because of the constant adjustment you need to deal with your braces. Therefore, it is important to treat the pain early on so you do not aggravate your situation.
  2. You can always make use of over-the-counter medicines like pain reliever to lessen the trouble. You will do well with ibuprofen and acetaminophen.
  3. Make use of oral anesthetic as if Orajel and Anbesol to temporarily deaden the pain due to mouth sores. You just dab a small amount of the anesthetic into a cotton swap and apply into your sores. This will take away the pain for a limited period of time.
  4. You can make use of the wax that your orthodontists gave you. The friction of the metal fittings and wires will lead to mouth sores. By putting a ball of wax into the metal of your braces, you can lessen the irritation incurred by your mouth.
  5. Make use of a good toothpaste for your sensitive teeth. If you are naturally dealing with sensitive mouth, you can opt for toothpaste that helps your sensitive teeth problem. Through lessening teeth’s sensitivity, you also reduce your chances of getting your mouth irritated by the braces.
  6. Take some time to adjust to your case. Once you get the hang of it, you will feel less discomfort when wearing your braces.



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