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25 Sep, 2011

Lip Sores Due To Citrus Foods

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If your lips are sore after eating citrus fruit, it is likely that you are dealing with some allergic reaction. Go to your doctor right ahead to seek for medical intervention. Lip swelling may result to life-threatening symptoms, so getting your doctor’s advice is crucial.  Also, once allergic reaction from citrus fruit occurs, stop eating those foods from then on.

How can lip swelling occur?

Lip swelling because of food allergy can occur due to the proteins found on most acidic foods. Your body through the help of your immune system has a habit of assessing everything that enters into it. Once acidic foods are classified by the system as harmful substances, allergy will occur next. The tendency is for the immune system to release immunoglobulin E antibodies, which will produce histamine throughout the soft tissue. It is the histamine that causes inflammation wherever it is released, hence sore lips occurs.

How do you test for allergy?

Food allergy must be identified to prevent allergic reactions in the future. Tell your doctor what you think is causing you to suffer from allergies. The doctor in return will recommend allergy tests to understand the real trouble. Allergy testing is fast that the result can occur within 15 minutes. Also, the price for this test is relatively low.

How do you treat food allergy?

It is best to call your doctor to ask for oral histamine once your lips begun to sore. The medicine will block the body from making more histamine. If however the medicine did not help cure the problem, you should be rushed into the emergency room. Sometimes, epinephrine injection is needed to prevent anaphylactic shock and to restore normal breathing. As you see, lip sores caused by food allergy are serious business. So make your best effort to prevent experiencing lip sores in the future.

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