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13 Aug, 2011

5 Common Causes Of Mouth Ulcer Among Children

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Mouth ulcer happens to all ages, including children. Now once your child suffers from this condition, he might start to throw tantrums. After all, the pain that the sore brings is beyond bearable. In order to better understand why children suffer from mouth ulcer, we are going to discuss few of the common reasons behind this medical condition.

What is causing your child to suffer?

  1. Herpes Gingivostomatitis- This is a serious infection resulting from herpes virus. Aside from small and painful ulcer, this is characterized by high fever and extreme irritability among children.

  2. Hand, foot and mouth disease- This is characterized by small red ulcers. It is a viral illness caused by Coxsackie virus. This is a condition when children usually experience small and red ulcers in their mouths, feet, and hands.

  3. Herpangina- A condition similar to hand, foot and mouth disease, the only difference is that it appears on your child’s mouth. The virus present here is called Coxsackie virus.

  4. Geographic tongue- This one looks like a large ulcer and is characterized by areas that are red and pink. Fortunately, this is not painful therefore no treatment is necessary. The condition will just go away after 2 days or more.

  5. Oral ulcer- Trauma can cause oral ulcer, especially among patients who underwent radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Certain drugs—particularly Stevens Johnson syndrome—can also lead to mouth ulcer. Build immune system to lessen the chances of this affliction.

Understanding these 5 main causes of mouth ulcer among children is vital. Since some of the above causes are serious conditions that need medical intervention, it is a must that you take concern over your child’s health. Act at the first sign of the problem. Do not wait for things to aggravate. Do not allow children to suffer from this troublesome affliction long.


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